Logo of the Columbia University Club of France


…et bienvenue !

The Columbia University Club of France was created in April 2002. It is University-sanctioned and duly registered as an association loi 1901 with the Préfecture.

Le Latest

Our Facebook page is now live! Join us… ‘Columbia alums/students in France‘. (even if you’re not actually in France).

More generally, the Columbia Alumni Association Network LinkedIn group may also be of interest to you.

Le Saviez-You?

  • You can register for our mailing list by visiting the email-list page.
  • As of last count, the CUCF had 989 members, over 75% of the estimated alumni population in France. Help us track down the missing 25%: keep spreading the word!
  • Some past events include: the traditional Thanksgiving dinner in a typical Montmartre restaurant, privatized for the event, a special tour of the Durand-Ruel Impressionists exhibition at the Musée du Luxembourg, a baroque opera at the royal opera in the Versailles palace, CU250 gala at the Musée d’Orsay, a Champagne-tasting evening, bowling against the Harvard Club (now a tradition), regular Happy Hours etc…
  • You can email us! Send us your message at france (at) alumniclubs.columbia.edu.

FYI: Le Mission Statement

The Columbia University Club of France is a reflection of the University and its alumni: distinct, diverse, and dynamic. With more than 1,800 Columbians known to live and/or work in France, our mission, as defined in our statutes, is to:

  • Promote the interests of Columbia University and all of its schools, in France;
  • Organize academic and intellectual activities for Columbia alumni in France;
  • Organize events to encourage socializing between Club members;
  • Support the activities and the cultural leadership of Reid Hall, the academic representation of Columbia University in Paris;
  • Maintain and strengthen the relationship between Columbia University and its alumni in France.

In short, our aim is to create a Columbia community here in France, ni more, ni moins.

Le Final Thought

Remember, this all works because of people’s generosity — including your own. Feel free to share whatever you can with the rest of the gang: time, energy, skill, you name it.

We look forward to seeing you very soon.

Warmest regards,

Jean-Pierre Reichenbach GSB’70


PS — support the Club and its initiatives by becoming a dues-paying member. Find out why and how. Thank you.